Thursday, 8 January 2015

AJS Blog Relic

All blog comments new - or ancient, get forwarded to our personal emails. But it's always a pleasant surprise when old posts still send out ripples. Yesterday Canadian John Gregg left this note on his own bike which had been a mystery since 2009! BP
I purchased this bike 46 years ago for $25 and it has been in waiting ever since. Plans now are to do it up and take it to Bonneville Speed Week this year and try for the Ton and a record. Will be respecting the patina as much as we can. Follow progress here -


Nick said...

Don't destroy the patina, looks great as it is

J. Gregg said...

We had the first test fire-up of the engine on a stand after more than 50 years of dormancy. The engine now has a Triumph T140 piston, Harley Sportster rod, Chevy valves, Chrysler ignition pickup, Chevy module and Ford COP coil. Cams are stock AJS and compression ratio is up from 6.1:1 to now 10:1. After the video we fired it again with more advance and it sounded real crisp.
For the original as is patina lovers, which includes me, some disappointment. It's being cleaned up somewhat as we have a bunch of guys working on it and each has his own opinion of what it should look like. It will not be shinny though. Some progress photos on our site, . Also if it looks too grungy we are worried that the tech scrutineers at Bonneville will give us a hard time.