Monday, 26 January 2015


So I'm Goggle'ing, trying to find out if a rectangle with rounded off corners (like photos from the 1970s) have a specific geometric name? I thought Lozenge, but that sounds like something you suck. The only thing that can be ascertained with 100% certainty, is that the steering wheel of an Austin Allegro is Quartic shaped. BP


Hot Shoe said...

It does make you wonder what on earth they were thinking at Leyland back then. It was strange to drive with those steering wheels at the time and no one like them. Although the Allegro is the butt of many a joke nowadays if you had an Estate version with the 1750 engine and with your speedway or grasstrack bikes front wheel removed and put it the back they wasn't a much else around that would beat you home from a meeting.

Sideburn Magazine said...

my Cub Scout Arkela had an avocado green estate Allegro, but I don't think he put speedway bikes in the back.

dave fox said...

Probably just used it for little boys and sweets.

Anders said...

You mean the Superellipse?
Piet Hein made a career out of the Superllipse..

capnsimo said...

Ahh but did you know the Earth, that is the planet we live on at this time, once considered a sphere, but later realised not, at this time considered to be an Oblate Speheroid ie egg shaped but no it is actually a Triaxial Spheroid more like a pear perhaps, is that any help?

Championship Customs said...

try the headlight of a 73 Vespa Sprint.