Sunday, 11 January 2015

DIY Number Boards

I've been doing a bit of sand racing at Mablethorpe. It's an environment that finds the smallest weak link and and makes it a big deal.
Among my exhaust cracking in half, shock falling to bits and water in the electrics, I couldn't manage to keep any stick-on numbers on my boards. So I decided to channel my inner Ornamental Conifer and paint them. I used my daughter's paintbrush and a tub of £3 Plastikote from Wilko's. I plastered it on thickly. If you want to copy, but you're a dim-bulb (or concentrating on something else more important) and can't work out how to do it, I attach a step-by-step guide
Start with the numbers you want to copy. I used the House Industries font created for the DTRA.
Get some greaseproof paper from the kitchen cupboard. Trace over the numbers, being careful the first number is still in place when you start tracing the second one.
Turn the greaseproof paper over and 'scrub' over the back of the numbers to transfer them to a piece of think cardboard.
Cut out the numbers with a sharp knife (not on the dining table).
Draw the numbers in pencil onto your number board and start painting!
As I said, I was after thick rather than pretty and really slapped it on.
 I was so pleased I did my front number plate too.


Marcus @ MarcusMotoDesign said...

Looks great! Paint it thick! :-)

james boddy said...

That tablecloth is far too nice to be doing that kind of work on.