Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Deep Space Deviants

As we speak, Dirt Quake anchor-man DAVROS, is travelling across the galaxy from the planet Skaro for a rare visit to our puny planet Earth. Ably assisted by his backing band THE DEEP-SPACE DEVIANTS he is plotting audio terror strikes on the unsuspecting people of London and Liverpool.
Unimpressed with what passes for ‘entertainment’ here on earth...the leader of the Daleks is threatening to destroy our culture and show us how it should be done...ENJOY IT OR BE EXTERMINATED!!!
Any willing Davros disciples should present themselves on Sat 31st Jan at WEIRDSVILLE, The Fiddlers Elbow, 1 Malden Rd, London NW5 3HS Doors open 8pm and tickets are £5.50 in advance HERE or £7 on the door.
There will be a second strike 7 days later on Sat 7th Feb at THE GOGO CAGE, the Cabin Club, Wood Street, Liverpool, L1 4DH Doors open 9.30pm. £3 entry
Dave Skooter Farm


andyeastwood said...

I'll be getting exterminated at the Liverpool appearance of the deep space deviants! Easty

Rufus said...

I'd love to see Davros play sometime- especially as my Grandpa designed him at the BBC about 50 years ago! -

Mick P said...

Rufus, what a brilliant thing to be able to say.

Kirk said...

Rufus, that is a family legacy to be proud of!