Sunday, 25 January 2009

84 reasons to buy Sideburn 2

Kenny Roberts, Champion TZ750, the 1975 Indy Mile, SR Labo, Roberts BMX, Ben Miller, Jason's XR1000, Sundance carbs and Supertrapp exhausts, Fly TIpping, Douglas speedway bikes, Dan Mahoney, Amy Pruczinksi, Bultaco Astro, Houston Astrodome, Bubba Rush, John Hateley, Jay Springsteen, Ray Ninness, Lincoln indoors, Peter Boast, Mat Oxley, Wrench Monkees SR500, 1970s Speedway hair, Flakes SR500 from Japan, cross-continental Sportster odyssey, vicious sunburn, exhaust bodges, Mick Phillips, armadillo gloves, Auto Race, purple glitter jackets, Suzuki AR600 grasshopper bikes, Max Schaaf's chopper, Captain Highside's Skooter Farm KTM Transalp mutant, Ben Part, Rachel, Trophy queens, Gary Inman, Gary Nixon, Nixon's 650 Triumph...
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Griff said...

Works for me I already bought it.

Speedjunkies said...

we need #3!!!! Sideburn isn't mag is Addiction! :D