Friday, 23 January 2009

Verona Friends 2

From L-R: GI, Yone fromBull Original, Tom from Fork, BP.
GI and BP were in Italy speaking English to Japanese people. Thank God the world speaks English, because we're halfwits.
日本の訪問者はここにクリックする喜ばす CLICK

This is Mr Martini, who might just be the world's best modifier of Hinckley Triumphs. He does them on a budget, he keeps them rideable, but he's clever with it.

This is Sara from Chops 76, from near Bologna. That's her Triumph. It's matt brown, Tijuana themed, with brass turned parts and Persil white cam cover and engine covers. Oh, and she was lovely.

This is Luca. He runs Chops 76. He goes out with Sara up there.

The good folks from Kopteri magazine in Finland. From L-R Mala, Riikka, Segu and Sofia.
The Finns have been building traditional chops, that everyone's going wild about, for years. In fact, they never stopped.

Mr Chopper Paranoid came up and said 'Hey, do you work for Sideburn?'

Ben had a thing about this lady's champagne hair. Then said it reminded him of Limahl from Kajagoogoo, adding that Limahl used Lenor fabric conditioner on his hair. I never asked why he was telling me this.


fastidio said...

mr chopper paranoid a.k.a. Svelto..
hey svelto you are so cool!!!..
you are "un vero figo"


christiano said...

what a surprise to find a pic of me in ur blog!!!!

thanx!!! -_-

paranoid forever
forever paranoid