Friday, 30 January 2009

No More Excuses

eBay winds me up rotten, so it's now categorized in the same sin bin as Easyjet. My last purchase back-fired in my face and they had the audacity to black-list Me. So my long hunted for 21" / 18" MX knobblies for my CCM are still just a wish. It's now been four months since I moved to the styx, and yet have until today not made use of the breathtaking surroundings of rocky goat tracks, twisty D roads and fallen trees.
Fak it! I just went out on silly 17" slicks. Even managed a river crossing without capsizing. Next time i'll take one of those roll-up Commando chainsaws. And some knobblies.

Don't fanny about waiting for the perfect day, the perfect bike, the perfect set-up. Get out there and ride the tits off whatever vehicle you have now. Today. You will come home smiling. BP

Yeah, and one day I'll get around to 19"s, Flanders bars, R6 forks.......


Rocket68 said...

Beautiful large single-cylinder air-cooled, as my TT 600Re Motard / Off, it must be fun to run the woods with the bike you slips by all parties.
Only those who have never tried it can not understand the sense of happiness that comes after a trip in the woods

Diplomat said...

Ben - you're quite right of course. Any bike's better than none, tyres !? who needs tyres ? Next time try the rims

t said...

I got an old 21 front wheel off a Bultaco with a shouldered Akront and an old Dunlop you can have or one off an old Yamaha with a shoulderless DID .. but shipping might be a bit much. Ah.. just stick with the slicks.. just makes you a better rider.

stuka said...

Hey Ben...had a trip of about sixty miles to do today and was gonna take the this and say stuff it! get the gear on and hit the road on the sporty put open pipes on er yesterday and it's cold but DRY....Hit the twisties...Trip done,home just as it turns dark(black visor on simpson)..Hot bath ..cold bottle stout.BIG SHIT EATIN GRIN ON FACE..
Thank's SO easy to forget somtimes why ya got into this stuff in the first place..!!

Gary Inman and Ben Part said...

- Thanks Mr T I think I've sourced some complete interchangeable wheels.

Gary Inman and Ben Part said...

- Respeck Stuka, we need to kick each other every now and then.

daws said...

Nice one! Get out there and have fun on unsuitable machinery!

Next month I'm taking my Aprilia SVX550 trailriding and MX on 17"s

I'm currently favouring the look of the Continental TKC80's but they are stupidly expensive so I'll probably just buy a front and stick a cut slick on the rear.