Sunday, 28 June 2009

The 555: Jackassery

Remember the Alley Sweeper urban enduro up in Portland? Well Dan who told us about this got in touch to say...

Hello Gary,
I hope that all is good in ol' Blightey. I wanted to send you an up update of some jackassery that you might be interested in. I just returned from Denver, CO yesterday. I rode there on a 1974 cb200. The highest pass that we went over was 11,600 ft. (in the rain). We camped every night for free, usually off the kindness of strangers. I had to get off so that I could
resume parenting and paying the mortgage--but 9 of the core of 12 is heading on to Knoxville, TN. Should be a 3K mile plus trip when all is said and done next weekend.
The ride is called the 555, rules are:

- 1975 or older motorcycle
- Spend less than a total of $500 on the purchase, build and prep
- Total displacement of motorcycle cannot exceed 500cc
- No man left behind (even the guy on the really marginal DT)
- Stay off the freeways and keep to the backroads
- Knoxville, TN bound
The blog is here: check it out.


stuka said...

smell it...feel it...want it...!! How i wish i was on that trip..!!Boys i salute you..!!

Anonymous said...

Lets see more of that red Yamaha behind the sleeping beauty

Diplomate said...

That'll have been Eagle Pass I guess, about 100 miles west of denver on I 70 - been stuck up there in the snow - I'm not sure my cb200 could cope without some re-jetting !!!!!!

Cool Cards said...

The length, depth and beauty of a 3000 mile bike ride... for the joy of it.
Inspiring stuff.

Anonymous said...

Wots the commando dagger on the front mudguard for?
when you're up to your axle in a swamp and have to fend off aligator?!