Monday, 22 June 2009

Mr Clay Chambers

This is from our buddy Russ, who is working in one of the Balkan states. Always forget which one. Sorry Russ. When are you back? GI

'Y'know, sometimes you see images of bikes and think, yeah, I could live with that. Or like the xs on your blog a few days ago I think 'I neeeed that bike'. Well, that happens a lot.
'I found this pic on the internet, I think from a link from your blog, and thought 'that guy looks cool as ..' We all like pics of McQueen looking like you always wanted too as a kid, or what you aspired to, or pics from 'back in the day' as the kids say where you find someone you wanna be, but I find that it is very rare I see someone these days and think, ok, I wish I looked like that/did that. This guy has it. In spades.

'Got the helmet, strides, cool shirt, knee pad things, and awesome boots.
'I even remember having a burning desire for one of those Scott face masks as an 8 yr old aspiring BMX racer. I never had one, but did have a Stadium mask that I would wear with my Bell-a-like helmet when I got to ride in my Dad's sidecar, but I guess
that is another story.
'And I guess this is the same fella in his race gear?

'Nice work sir.
'In the words of Kenny Carter, 'just wind it on and turn left'' Russ


Knucklehead Racing said...

Yes that is Clay Chambers of Salinas, Calif !! He won the #1Black Plate in 2004 & 2006 at the Barn Burner in Chowchilla, Calif ! He is a part of the Knuckle Head Race Team !

Knucklehead Racing said...

Thank you, i am Honored to be apart of your Sideburn issue. What # issue is it? I would like to get one for myself ? Thank you and all the people that support me and our Race Team.Knuckle Head Racing # 11w Clay Chambers

Gary Inman and Ben Part said...

Hi Clay. Great to hear form you. The blog is just to keep interest up while we get around to making the next issue. And you are worthy of inclusion in the magazine, but you're not in yet. You should still buy them anyway. Gary

Knucklehead Racing said...

I do buy them, From good Ole EBAY ! Thanks Again, Clay