Monday, 29 June 2009

Flat Track Friday report

Missed the first one, wasn't going to miss this one. It's a lot more relaxed than the normal UK short track meeting, probably half as many people, room to bump the Rotax, lovely meeting.
Geoff, who created the Co-Built frame for Anthony Brown, got to race the bike and got some blinding starts. I think we'll see another Co-Built out there soon. He cut a dash in third hand speedway leathers borrowed from Anthony too.

Dave Ward, who I met when I featured his lovely ZRX1200 road racer for PB, came down from Scarborough and ended up spannering for me. He was a massive help. He's a very handy club racer and hillclimber and it was great to have him in my corner. Thanks Dave.

The R plate riders are out together, the national numbers in another group, so us Rs get a chance to race each other for wins and podiums. And trophies. I also raced in the Thunderbikes. Hugo and his family came to watch. It was one of the best fun meetings I've ever had.
Thanks to all the organisers, lap scorers and marshalls that made it happen. I probably don't say that enough. Especially good to see Colin Birden as a corner worker, can't keep a good man down.
There was a little prizegiving so people hung around for a drink. The legend that is Colin Blatchford was dressed to impress.

The Co-Built crew. Anna, Anthony, Geoff, Me.

Oh, and I went home with a couple of trophies...

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Paul said...

Brilliant! Very envious.