Friday, 26 June 2009

Bull's Gap GNC

Sammy Halbert won his first national, with SB3 cover star Mees second and Coolbeth third.
That's some banked oval.
Sideburn supporters Bonneville Performance's Triumph made the main - only the second Triumph to do this is 34 years. Well done to Bill, his team and rider Brian Phillips (25, above). Every other bike in the main was an XR750. Are Triumph USA going to support Bonneville Performance? Er, probably not. Should they? Absofuckinlutely.
Lima, Ohio this weekend.
Photos courtesy of AMA Pro Racing


Tim White said...

Some more from Bulls Gap:

I'm off to Lima in the morn.

#39 said...

Beautiful photos! I didn't realize Bulls Gap was such a blue groove track. Cool that the young guns are making some noise.

Poppa Wheelie said...

Bonneville Performance, WELL DONE and KEEP HAULIN' ASS !

Knucklehead Racing said...

Keep up the Good work Sammie !! It is looking like we might get a New GNC Champion this year ! If Sammie keeps this up we will see it Happen !!