Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Bring it on!

From Sideburn collaborator Mick P

'Took a few snaps tonight in the upcoming area of Garbatella here in Rome, our 'quartiere' in fact. Bit of a festival going on, but I was continually distracted by this bird in a fetching t-shirt. Truth be told, managed to get her into bed tonight, although after 20 years together that equates to her all snuggled down reading a good book while I do the washing up. Bring it on, you ****ing animal!' Mick



Great to see the two of you still together Mick. I remember meeting you both at Ian Yemm's wedding many years ago in Birmingham. You were restoring a Guzzi in time for your own wedding and you had hair too. How times change? I'm in the Lakes, You're in Italy and I've lost track of Ian since his divorce!

Mick P said...

Adrian. Blimey, it's been ages - probably 1990 or something like that. I can more or less date it because I was riding a CB900F at the time. I know because the sump plug fell out while doing 90+ on the motorway on the way to Ian's the night before the wedding. That taught me a lesson about what to expect if you take a bike to a dealership for a service. Your profile is locked, so I can't get in touch privately, but drop me a line and I can pass your details on to Ian, if you like. We're still in constant touch.

BlackCountryBiker said...

I just remember being crap at bowling! Then I don't remember much at all after breathing the fumes eminating from Ian's flat, I do know that I was in no fit state to ride my XS650 home and opted to walk to my girlfriends flat on Rotten Park road, (via that place at the side of the reservoir where they used to film "Boon"). It'd be great to get back in touch with my ode mate Ian again, so much has happened to both of us in the past ten years. I've unlocked my profile now Mick and opened up my e-mail access too, send me an e-mail and I'll give you my details to pass on to Ian. Cheers Marra.