Thursday, 17 September 2009

It's turning cold

But we have the answer. Beat the imminent price increase on Indian Girl hooded sweats (modeled here by Rach) and long-sleeves by ordering now.

Anyone attending the BMF UK Short Track meeting, this Saturday or Sunday, who wants Sideburn Merch can order and not pay postage, but I'm not taking much stock (I'm there to race, to win!) so email us your requirements for:

Hooded sweats (red or grey)
Long-sleeves (red or grey)
Gene shirt (black or army green)
One of the last half-dozen Dick Mann shirts (small and medium only)
Or the excellent and in demand Complete Book of Flat track Racing

See all the designs here.
Spectators will find me at the Skooter Farm encampment which is usually at the side of the metal railings. Fellow racers can just follow me round the track, over the finish line and right into my pit gazebo. Cheers GI

Thanks to Steve Red Max for the photo


Anthony Brown said...

Thats sounds like your really throwing down the Guantlet for this weekend.

Sideburn Magazine said...

Positive Mental Attitude. GI

Anthony Brown said...

I like it

See you at the first corner.

harreng said...

Fighting talk that, GI!
Win a race, and I'll buy one of yer t-shirts!

Anonymous said...

I too will see you at the first corner.
If we both make it out the other side could you sell me one of your Complete Books of Flattrack please?


Tim S (#80)

Anthony Brown said...

Love the hype.