Saturday, 28 November 2009

Dutch Brothers' Clarification (kind of)

I got all my Dutch Brothers mixed up. Tom is selling the Wood-style Roller. He's in Switzerland. He's already built this J&M Sportster 1200. And now he's building the yellow framer. That's Switzerland in the background. Pretty, eh?
It's Mick who's bought the Mule racer. Richard at Mule got in touch with an updated shot of it (below). Mick's short track bike has the white rims. Jan-Willem's built it for him. They're real brothers. Tom is a Dutch Brother, but neither Dutch nor a brother. Mick and J-W are brothers. I think they're Dutch.
And Jan-Willem is building this metalflake framer.
You are fully up to date on Dutch Brothers' movements. Confused? That makes two of us. GI


#15 said...

Tom is dutch too and he lives in CH together with JW, that's when we came up with Dutch-Brothers Switzerland. Mick lives in NL and started racing about a year later.

wilky said...

its all double dutch to me....

len ganley said...

i can't be the only cunt on here who's thinking skyway tuffs and acs Z rims when they looks at those bikes, right?

Sideburn Magazine said...

are you The Len Ganley immortalized in my favorite Half Man Half Biscuit album!?

if you're in to placcy wheels you should check out the Swiss Hard Nine '45 bobber, with Skyway lookalikies - it was in the last issue of DiCE

una stubbs said...

coco was sad when he realised his bike had been teefed