Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Woodland, Washington Vintage MX

From Danker in Portland, Oregon.

Hey Gary,
Thanks for issue #4, beautiful. You were looking for vintage MX? Just went out and did my first vintage MX today on my $75 DT250 at Woodland, Washington with the Hammer & Tongs series (great photo from their site below).
Had about 2" of rain and it was complete soup. Also it was Awesome--completely hair-ball!
I crashed in the first practice and stripped my counter-shaft in the first moto; pulled parts to get another bike going; still got a second place plaque; Result!
Patrick (of the Broken Bone Patches) rode the DT that he rode from the Portland, Oregon to Tennessee this summer (see the 555:Jackassery), to 1st place.
Lots of beautiful bikes; great racing and mud--a very good day.
Cheers, Dan, Sang Froid Riding Club


motorcycho said...

I wanna do that soooo bad!... NEXT YEAR!

girls-pics-pakistan said...
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Sideburn Magazine said...

(of the last photo)
that bike + those legs x that moustache = DANGER