Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Mini Highside

Captain Highside's Honda Africa Twin in a KTM chassis featured in Sideburn 2 (see a post on it here). Highside is a very talented motorcycle engineer and racer and was one of the first pro BMX racers in the UK (for the Raleigh Burner team in the early-80s). And a couple of crashes he's put his own racing on hold and take his three kids BMX racing. Georgie is the the youngest and has a flat track bodykit on her balance bike, complete with tiny replica stickers. He says...

'I was given the bare bike but it needed the Skooter Farm treatment! I made a buck for the tank and seat unit and then vacuum formed them out of ABS in the 'shop. I made the stickers on my PC and printed them on vinyl. If anyone is interested in a tank/seat they could be available.'