Thursday, 16 January 2014

Motorcycho Norm's Vegas Vacation

Norm from Motorcycho flew down to Vegas to watch the indoor short track and to snoop around the Mid-America Motor Auctions. In the pits he took photos of this tough Yamaha TT500 with an old Sideburn sticker on its tail. It was being raced by Mitch Gallagher of the Reno Wrecking Crew.

In the auction room, housed in the same hotel, Norm even got to try on one of his hero's helmets - one of Evel's last jump lids that the current owner bought for $80,000. The owner let him try it on because Norm has that very helmet design tattooed on his arm.

If you like the cut of Norm's jib (and if you don't I fear you're in the wrong place) check out the Motorcycho blog or buy the Motorcycho fanzine from the Sideburn webshop. G


Chris said...


Clare got me a bunch of Motorcycho 'zines (from the Sideburn shop natch) for my birthday last year... they make me want to go to BC and take in a Vicious Cycles show.

747 said...

Mitch is NUMBER 1!!

Anonymous said...

Bummer, my buddies bike got wrecked there. Took 2 weeks to build and he skidded out on a 1/2 dime sized oil patch:

Best Sideburn sticker ever made

king kirk said...

..did he mention his head lice issues to the fellow?