Saturday, 4 January 2014

Standing on History

History lessons at school were mostly a bore. I did enjoy learning about how the Romans made straight roads and Hypocausts in hilly chilly Britain. But now the internet is my friend I do enjoy historical detective work to find the origins of things around me. Admittedly it's more the world according to the Antiques Roadshow than Darwin.
Me & Mrs P are in the process of laying an old wooden parquet floor in our new kitchen. Once the cacky bitumen used to hold the blocks in place in olden times was scraped off the bottom, the words 'DIP. Đurđenovac - Made in Yugoslavia' were just visible embossed into the wood.
It turns out that he red-brick parquet factory founded in 1909 is still standing.
The whole town (now eastern Croatia) was dedicated to the processing oak from local forests (but I think ours may be Beech). Our blocks were made some time in the '50s.
I made a custom scraper with male and female teeth to clean the edges of tongue-and-groove blocks.
Once we have glued them down herring bone style, they will be professionally sanded flat. We have excess blocks to experiment with stains and wax finishes. BP



That's a history, geography, woodwork
and metalwork lesson all in one !Thanks Mr Part

Kirk said...

That's going to look incredibly nice when it's in, and you've got a good story about having a Croatian floor too- nice all round.

BlackCountryBiker said...

My kinda history too - nice story - show us an after pic when the floor's all done.

themoudie said...

Aye "Me & MrsP,
Looking at the end grain of your blocks they appear to be 'ring porous'(large diameter cells laid down in summer, small diameter cells laid down in winter). Therefore, they are oak blocks, as beech do not produce ring porous wood. Link for good images is here:
Enjoy your floor, it should last for years to come. Warm bare feet! ;¬)
Healthy 2014 to you.
My regards, Bill.

rustyli150 said...

Nice hat mrs p

Phil Dolman said...

Def oak

OILY RAG said...

If you can see silver " rays" coming from the heart at 90deg to the grain then it's defiantly oak , if not then it's not.
Either way you will be able to roll your motorbikes over it till the cows come home. Just don't leak oil on it.