Wednesday, 15 January 2014

The Troy Bayliss Classic Flat Track

Look at this list of riders lining up for the Troy Bayliss Classic Flat Track race in Taree, Aus on Jan 18. Get there if you can. G

Troy Bayliss, Jason Crump, Karl Muggeridge, Chris Vermeulen, Shayne King, Jeff Leisk, Robbie Phillis, Henry Wiles, Masatoshi Ohmori, Chris Watson, Darcy Ward, Stephen Gall, Matt Davies, Phil Lovett, Jack Miller, Cam Donald, Toby Price, Dave Armstrong, Barry Cockle, Damian Cudlin, Vaughn Style, Mick Kirkness, Anthony Gunter, Sammy Halbert, Garry McCoy, Alex Cudlin, Troy Herfoss, Jamie Stauffer, Sean Giles, Chris Hollis, Paul Caslick, Wayne Maxwell, Josh Waters.


Marcus @ MarcusMotoDesign said...

McCoy, Halbert, Bayliss and Crump that is a great bunch of sliding guys and an awesome line-up for a race! Hope they all get great machinery for the race.

smith+others said...

I should be covering this race for you guys... haha.

keep up the great work sideburn.
always great to see people enjoying what they do.