Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Slacker by Paul Bryant Photography

Photographer Paul Bryant took these shots of the Stevie Gee project bike (Sideburn 15 cover bike) for us to send The Bike Shed website. He's built a photo studio with an infinity cove and is offering a service of shooting owner's bikes for them to have pro quality shots of their bike, scooter, whatever. The photos are delivered hi-res on disc, for the owner to them have prints made or Paul can get prints made at a good price.

The price of a shoot starts at £125 plus VAT. For that you get a variety of angles of the bike and detail shots. The bikes are all professionally lit.

He is based in Bourne, Lincolnshire. Contact him through paul @ paulbryantphotography.com

I've worked with Paul for magazines around the world for nearly ten years and he is the man. I can't recommend him highly enough. Below are other examples of Paul's studio-style shots (but not all in his studio). G

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Dan said...

Top snapper & a thoroughly decent man.