Thursday, 2 January 2014

UK DTX bike for Sale

We've had a few people asking us if there are dirt track race bikes for sale in the UK. We're happy to promote race bikes for sale on the blog, but only bikes in the UK and Europe. The US has it covered with and other sites.
We'll promote bikes for free BUT full-size dirt track bikes only. Not pit bikes, not mini bikes, not road bikes, not unconverted MX bikes. Email us with photos and details to dirt @

This is a Yam 450 on 19s Redmax is selling for £1450.
We don't know anything about the bike or its condition, and we're not on commission, we're just trying to put riders on race bikes and into the DTRA. 

Get in touch with REDMAXSPEEDSHOP, Alresford, Hampshire  07907 529858 01962 736916

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Damian McCann said...

Thanks Gary, this is useful.