Thursday, 6 February 2014

SB ♥ Kristina

Kristina Fender is a classic racing monkey. Not some cruel wired-up Indian street performer, it means she's a die-hard sidecar passenger who clambers all over the vehicle with her arse scraping the tarmac so as to maintain equilibrium as the rider pushes something with the natural stability of a shopping cart with one duff wheel. She has no fear. At Wheels & Waves she was shooting sitting backwards on a motorbike so she could remain in the thick of the action (while the film cars had to make-do with a few seconds at the front before being engulfed with overtaking bikes, then having to just sweep-up at the back).
Here she is on the back of the El Solitario Petardo Ducati, shooting the SB#16 cover story in Tudela Spain. The rider is Frederic Olivieri. This snap is taken from the El Solitario Instagram feed. BP


Nick said...

Good snapper, with an eye

Sideburn Magazine said...

Oh, we always choose to work with photographers with eyes. We check very carefully.
Now, MoT men, not so important that have a pair of operational peepers. In fact, a definite hindrance. G

Nick said...

Ha Ha