Monday, 10 February 2014

The One Motorcycle Show, 2014

The One Motorcycle Show in Portland only finished yesterday (a bit early due to Arctic conditions) and already this great little film's out.

The See See Motorcycles team behind the One Motorcycle Show are our partners in making Dirt Quake USA happen on May 31- Jun 1 at the famous and historic GNC track in Castle Rock, WA.

Now See See have that show out of the way, there will be lots more news about Dirt Quake USA to follow. G


capnsimo said...

Top Man Top Show Top Shop Top People, bikes looked nice Too
Time we moved

Anonymous said...

Great show, a splendid collection of bikes and art in a sea of beards and beanies. The snow only added to the spirit - get some cable tie snow chains on your Garelli moped...
Still smiling - even if I did miss the Bristol Classic Bike Show.
Get the book folks.