Friday, 28 February 2014

Slammin' Sammy v The Bullet

Three great videos of the same race 450 Expert Race.
This is Salem, Oregon, a short drive from Portland and where are friends from See See Motorcycles have been racing all winter. This is, clearly, a small, local race. The spectators are other racers, their families and friends. The race entry is about $40, anyone can turn up and race BUT two of the most exciting and combative riders in the flat track, one of whom is the GNC champ, just happened to turn up and compete. Brad Baker and Sammy Halbert go at it after two false starts. It's like going to a Thursday night football five-a-side match and being in the same sports hall as Rooney and Sturridge, but no one outside the four walls knows about it.

The video above shows how hard Halbert (#7) is pushing Baker (#1) with Davis Fisher (#67) just behind (then in front). The helmet-mounted Sammy cam below gives a rider's eye view but distorts how close the two are. The bottom film gives another perspective.

 Daytona is just around the corner. It's going to be wild.

Thanks to Courtney and Roger for sending these links in.


Nick said...

Thats RACING, WOW!!!!

Thor Drake said...

i was far more impressive in person! best racing i have seen!

Hairy Larry said...