Monday, 17 February 2014

Seuraavaan Mutkaan

From Peter in Hungary...

Our mate, the Finnish TT rider Juha Kallio will ride at the TT in this year again. But his friend Antti, who studies in the Helsinki Film School is ready with the documentary about Juha.  

The director Antti Jääskeläinen has studied film editing in Helsinki Film School. This project began almost two years ago with Antti filming Juha's life and racing on Finnish circuits and outside of them, and later developed into a feature length film. The film will be screened first in Imatra Finland around the beginning of the year 2014. Duration 70 min. The film has no major production company behind is, but is partly produced by the Helsinki Film School.

Antti says: 'The Fast of the Forest (Original Finnish title Seuraavaan Mutkaan) is a documentary film that follows a Finnish road racer Juha Kallio, 28, as he battles his way towards his dream race - the Isle of Man TT. Juha is addicted to going fast and he has been racing most of his life. 
Starting his journey from racing motorcycles with his brother in the woods of his hometown in Imatra, towards mastering the world's fastest and most dangerous track with over 260 corners, Juha hasn't got a clue what awaits him.' 


747 said...

I am not sure exactly what it is but that man has it.

Dan said...

Looks ace. Any idea on the snotter he's leathering along the dirt road? Sideburn feature bike!

Bubble Visor said...

they rock!