Sunday, 9 February 2014

The Go-Go Cage!

You all know Sir Johnny Alpha, Sideburn's resident DJ and fez-bedecked vinyl hipster, but maybe you've never made it to one of the legendary Go-Go Cage nights at Liverpool's Cabin Club. Well roll back the rug and get ready to frug* because the Go-Go Cage is coming
to you.

In a fit of utterly characteristic largesse, Sir Johnny, Carl Combover and Andy Hoodoo have uploaded a killer mix of 30 hip-shakers, mastered from original 45s, many as rare as a chopped Brough, ripped from the commemorative CD that was available for one night only at the recent Eighth Birthday Freakout. Ultra-treble twang, howling keyboards, filthy bass, seedy soul and more... from the likes of Takeshi Terauchi and The Bunnies, The Dave Clark Five, Nick Waterhouse, Andre Williams, John Lee Hooker, Era Of Sound, Jacques Dutronc, Ray Baretto...
Listen to the stream, or download direct. MP
*Sideburn magazine and The Go-Go Cage cannot be held responsible for hip dislocations, broken furniture or burnt toast.

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Kirk said...

Absolute bloody magic!