Saturday, 12 July 2014

Aussie Dirt Track Champ - Troy Bayliss

From Paul Dawson in Australia

Not sure if you are aware but just thought I'd take the time to inform that Troy Bayliss (#21) recently picked up his first Australian titles, Troy is obviously somewhat famous for wining 3 World Superbike championships but up until the beginning of this month he'd never won an Australian championship. 

Firstly he won 3 Australian Dirt track titles at the Old Bar track at Taree in NSW, this is the track where he grew up racing. Taree is an oil track which makes the surface more like tar, it's dirt with oil mixed in and rolled flat. He picked up the 250, 450 and Open class trophies against some of the best dirt-track racers in the country, including Ex-AMA flat-tracker Michael Kirkness. Race report here

The Following weekend he raced supermoto at the Whitsunday raceway in Queensland and came away with 2 Australian titles in the 450 (S2) and 250 (S3) class, competing against some multiple time Australian champions.

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Nick said...

Always thought Baylis was a class act, great to watch