Monday, 21 July 2014

Serge Nuques: Dirt Quake Hero

A French rider arrived at Dirt Quake, perhaps late-40s but with the physique of a gymnast. He took everything in on Friday night, then reappeared on Saturday in a huge overcoat, pink furry legwarmers and riding a brand new Yamaha SR400.
Anyway, he rode like a demon, rodeoing round, playing with some very good riders, and won his class - Inappropriate Road Bike - in style. This is how he arrived for the podium (photo: Dael Poulter)

During the day it clicked, Serge Nuques is the racer I'd seen in loads of French magazines, racing an R1, dressed as a knight. 

When I arrived home, I went searching for photos. These are just some I found, plus the video. Dimitri Coste knew of him and said he arrives at prestigious Enduro events on old DT175s and smokes everyone. Anyway, he had a lot of fun and we loved having him there.

'In France, I am the only one who dresses like thees,' he explained to me. 'Ere, lots of people dress like this. It ees fantastique!'
 No, he didn't crash...

Below is Serge riding on ice. NOTE: 258km is exactly 160mph.


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Chris said...

complete dude! Only realised when a mate pointed it out at the end that the SR was on bog standard road tyres. Legendary.

OILY RAG said...

No wonder he did so well

Unknown said...

He is the Knight of Groland :-)