Monday, 28 July 2014

The Southern 100

Guy Martin won at the Southern 100, at the DTRA and Chopper class at Dirt Quake, then at Armoy this weekend. He's on fire.
This beautiful photo is from the Southern 100 meet held on the Isle of Man every July. I attended the race back in 2011 and it was fantastic. See my snaps here. G



Hairy Larry said...

Wearing the "limp" Sideburn shirt to the SacMile was quite a conversation fellow walked up to me and said, "Guy Martin was just racing at some crazy thing over in England with those guys...".So I told him all about DirtQuake US. He wants to go. Like myself he's getting back into dirt riding and has been thinking it would be fun to try a little flattracking. Quite a few others pointed at my shirt, smiled and mouthed Sideburn.Yeah, you got fans all over...

747 said...

slideways revolution!