Wednesday, 2 July 2014

House Industries x DTRA

House Industries are one of the sponsors of the Dirt Track Riders Association for the 2014 season. They are an American-based company that primarily create type fonts for the creative industries (and spin-off products with those fonts on them).

I know we get a lot of different types of people reading this blog, so I'll explain. There are all the well-known fonts: Times New Roman, Geneva, Helvetica - but graphic designers demand new ones all the time. That's what House Industries create. Someone has to sit down and draw the whole alphabet, numbers and symbols - then they sell them as a package for designers to load onto their computers, allowing the designers to stay ahead of the competition and creating fresh products.

House Industries developed a whole new number font for the DTRA and have now made T-shirts and prints for sale with all profits going to the non-profit making DTRA to allow flat track to survive and even thrive in the UK. What nice people.

Anyone joining the DTRA gets one of the club's number plates for free with their membership (this is not a House Industries product). There are non-racing memberships available too, and you get a plate as a souvenir even if you have no intention of racing.

The next DTRA round is at King's Lynn, the Friday night of Dirt Quake weekend - July 18-19. Tickets for the whole weekend are just £10 plus booking fee (or £10 for each day on the gate). Get your tickets here

Find more out about dirt track fonts on our Sideburn thread. G


Paul Baleta said...

Sweet! This is the first year I haven't changed the font on my numberboard - quality!!!

Marcus @ MarcusMotoDesign said...

Sweet! Great style on the package for the t-shirt. Always nice with some luxury feel among all the dirty trackers from time to time.

Will order for sure!

Chris said...

that is a lovely thing

joshwfifty5 said...

Do they take orders from overseas? Would like some for my road race bike in New Zealand