Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Ivan the Terrible by Mule Motorcycles

From Mule Motorcycles...

'Ivan the Terrible' started life as a Bonneville America 270 degree crank motor, Mule frame, R-6 Yamaha USD forks, and lots of Titanium, aluminum tank and widened Champion seat. Mucho mods to the motor push power to 96 at the wheel. Beringer controls and a ceramic-coated exhaust give the low level bling-age. The silver Porsche paint and a red leather seat cover keep the bike within the James Dean Porsche Spyder theme. Note the Mobilgas Pegasus now sporting Mule ears. 

'The bike took first place in the Customs class at the Quail gathering and on the way home we stopped to a shot with a 20' James Dean sign about 2 miles from the crash site that took his life decades ago.'
We like that Mule didn't bother changing his usual T-shirt and shorts outfit just because Quail demands it.
Hands in pockets is The Vintagent in his leather jacket painted by Maxwell Paternoster.
Pegasus the Mule.
Richard, James and Ivan.


BB said...

Anybody know what that headlight is off?

mule said...

Yes, it's a Piaa fog lamp.