Monday, 29 December 2014

Diesel Fitting

Diesel fitters seem to have an affinity to the (now sold out) Sideburn bobble hat. Christmas Eve, and while you were running about buying last minute presents, young ike dove into the engine bay of our Berlingo, and ripped out the manifold and stinky EGR, to change the glowplugs which were dying.
Having watched two Youtube DIY videos, my 'expert' skill was duly humbled upon reassembly when, with with the family on-board for a Christmas treat, the F*&#er wouldn't rev above 2000rpm, and would hardly pull out of our parking space.
Water contamination from over eager cleaning was suspected and Boxing day was spent draining the fuel, disassembling the EGR, and further cussing chasing my tail on French car forums. Pulling the rubber pipes off the electronic vacuum regulator (which duh, had been topsy-turvy), revealed an inactive EGR valve. So all dandy now. BP