Wednesday, 24 December 2014

The Bar-Kays' Guide to Men's Style

Let's get this party started! I saw this amazing photos in an old Mojo magazine that was kicking around. I knew of the Bar-Kays and they're fantastic party tune, Soul Finger, but not what they looked like.
If the photo above hasn't loaded, imagine a group of seven tough looking fellas, six black, one white. The white guy looks like a young Acker Bilk. All seven are wearing cerise casual suits, bright white socks and brilliant white slip-ons. They also have white neckerchiefs, a look favoured by Fred from Scooby Doo. No one is smiling. One of the fellas is wearing what look like Cazals.
They look a potentially surly bunch. In different attire, and in this period of history, you could image they were a sexually ambiguous, hardcore civil rights protest group. Not so much the Black Panthers, more the... Pink Panthers.
They are, in this shot at least, without doubt,the finest looking band ever. The get-up in the video below is a whole different kettle of fish, though. G


Hot Shoe said...

A great Memphis groups who appeared on many Stax Records. Three of the members of the band perished in the same plane crash that took the life of Otis Redding who the Bar-Kays were backing on tour in 1967.

Nick said...

That is Brilliant