Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Who? What? When? Why? Where?

We have a great interview with Sammy Halbert for our on-going Who? What? series in SB#19, with a stunning pen drawing by Luke Dixon.
Order the new illustration-heavy issue here. BP

Here is the full list of subjects we've interviewed for this series (this isn't all Sideburn's interviews, just ones for this regular slot).

3            Dick Mann
4            Don Castro
5            Dave Aldana
6            Gene Romero
7            Eddie Lawson
8            Scott Parker
9            Jay Springsteen
10          Chris Carr
11          Bubba Shobert
12          Steve Morehead
13          Mert Lawwill
14          Joe Kopp
15          Nick Hayden
16          Jim Rice
17          Brad Baker
18          Skip Aksland
19          Sammy Halbert

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