Friday, 19 December 2014

Mablethorpe Sunday Morning

I've had a couple of attempts at racing at Mablethorpe this season without much luck. Water in the electrics, crap in the petrol tap. Simple stuff, but it's hard to test a sand racer except at the beach, and once you're there it's not easy to work on the bikes.
Anyway, I'll have another go this Sunday. Practice from 10am. Free to spectate.
If anyone is going along and wants last-minute Xmas presents for themselves or others; the new mag, back issues; hoodies; hats; whatever, leave a comment or email us at dirt @, saying what you want and what size (if relevant) and I'll take it along. G
Honda 250s are very popular. Neil Tuxworth, former Honda BSB, WEC and WSB team manager and a top road racer in his own time, won on the beach with the Honda 250 for years so (nearly) everyone else followed suit in the 250 class.
One who didn't was Carl of our good friends CFM. He races, and wins, on a Yamaha TDR250 two-stroke. He's the reigning champion.
There are some horrors on the beach, but this is the neatest bike. It arrived spotless, like a show bike, with a titanium Akrapovic MotoGP style exhaust mega. Beach race clothing varies from full leathers to full MX gear via Rukka waterproofs, speedway Kevlars and this, British desert camp and a Simpson RX.
 The road bike class, that I race in, is home to oddballs, including this Yamaha SRX600.
Me, basking in the glow of actually finishing a race. Honda SLR650, bought for £500 or so, originally built by CFM. Bungee cord is just to hold the speedway-style swinging foot peg out of the way of the kickstart for starting.
Tuned 650 motor, no brakes.
If you're coming, buy me a cuppa, white, one sugar please. I'll need it.


747 said...

Give 'er hell!

Jon Lawson said...

3 season since I last set wheel on the beach ...making a reliable bike is the key ..its a cheap and fun day down there ..if its not raining sideways !!!

Nick said...

Hope you have more reliability this time G

Marcus @ MarcusMotoDesign said...

Bungee cord special that I now get! :-) Good luck, Gary! Looking serious there on the photo! Some nice hand painted texts on that tank maybe? Cheers