Saturday, 4 April 2015

Taree MCC 1975 & 1984

Donna from Australia read our story about 1970s speedway rider Ian 'Tiddler' Turner in Sideburn 20 and got in touch with this email and great photos. They're from Taree, the town (and I assume the track) where Troy Bayliss runs his invitational dirt track meeting every year.

Hi Fabulous Dudes at Sideburn,
I had to email and gush liberally about Issue 20, the speedway story you tempted me with was as nostalgic as promised, many thanks! I am so thrilled that I invested my money in a Sideburn subscription, as it is easily the most entertaining mag I read, and the highlight of the week when it arrives in my mailbox. Being the mega fusspot (and SEN teacher) I am, I do tend to have OCD and 'edit' everything I read, including mags and newspapers, and I have only ever found one or two typos in Sideburn, which, in my eyes at least, is perfectly acceptable, as you are writing about cool stuff after all! 
In all seriousness, guys, many thanks for a glorious read. I particularly love the variety of bikes and bike culture that you cover each issue, especially the speedway; it's f*****g brilliant, but I am biased in that view. Other bike mags I have read have shiny stuff in them, and yours does too, but you also celebrate the mongrels, the rusty and the bitzers, which, I must say, I prefer, as they have such cool stories and histories behind them. Totally awesome! 
The hot guys riding the bikes in each issue of Sideburn, too, certainly adds to the appeal of the mag, in my eyes at least. Lastly, Gary, the speedway story in Issue 20 brought back such wicked memories for me that I had to dig through my dad's old photos and I found a couple of gems of an old inter-club meeting from 1975 at a Taree (Mid North Coast, NSW, Australia) racetrack. My god, those leathers are...graphic! I think these snaps are testament to the brilliant times to be had on the back of a motorbike, bad taste in leathers notwithstanding! 
Ride on! 
Regards, (Probably Not Your Only Number 1 Sideburn Fan), 


Nick said...

What a fantastic post. ps there is nothing wrong with being a pedant, wish I had spent more time studying Eng.Lang.

Randy Faker Jerkyl said...

Shit.! Purple Dave, in both photos.!