Saturday, 11 April 2015

Wardrobe Dilemma

This time tomorrow I will finally be trekking over the Atlas Mountains and into the Sahara! Months of intense training will be challenged - I've put back on the 1kg I lost a week ago through nervous cake eating. My dickie knee that the Dr just drained 24ml of "Oh it looks like Castrol GTX?!" (said the professional, when he was expecting it to be a clear yellow liquid not thick black gunk), is already podgy again. In the next hour (real-time as I write this blog post) I need to overcome my teenage girl club night wardrobe dilemmas and just stuff something into a suitcase. Strappy sandals do seem like the best option for refreshing airiation. السلام عليكم BP
photo Pierre Bourdieu


Hot Shoe said...

Wow, a Moto Rumi. Fast bikes and Bol d'Or 24 hour race winners back in the day.

Capion mc said...

+1 for the Moto Rumi I would have sold all my Veps and Lambos, my Sisters and Grandmother for one of those back in the 80's!
-1 on the dodgy knee a good dose of adrenelin and you won't feel a thing, bonne voyage.

Hot Shoe said...

Moto Rumis were fantastic. I lived in the same road as the UK concessionaires in the 1960s and saw loads of them whizz past my house as a kid and also lined up outside the 'Sans Souci' coffee bar (where frothy coffee was served in glass cups and saucers) which was opposite.