Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Troy Bayliss's Mile Missile

This is the first shot (or computer-generated mock-up) we've seen of Troy Bayliss's Lloyd Brothers Ducati and it looks great. I wonder what all the hipster-haters* are going to think of this Scrambler-sponsored Mile weapon with a true legend on board? They won't know whether they should love it or hate it, but they'll wait for someone to tell them.

The former World Superbike champion is scheduled to race the five GNC miles this year, the first being Springfield at the end of May. And he's team mates with long-time friend of the mag, Johnny Lewis.

We featured the original Lloyd Brothers Ducati, from which this bike is a development, back in Sideburn 4, in 2009, jut saying. G

Troy Bayliss Race Calendar –AMA Pro Flat Track 2015 Series

 24 May - Springfield Mile (Round 3)
30 May - Sacramento Mile (Round 4)
4 July - Du Quoin Mile (Round 7)
11 July - Indy Mile (Round 8)
6 September - Springfield Mile II (Round 13)

* that's haters of hipsters, not hipsters who are haters


Harley said...

I wouldn't complain if Ducati took a few styling cues from that beastie for the next incarnation of the Scrambler range.
I'm sure more technically savvy folks than me will have an answer for this but isn't having a dry clutch even partly open to the elements a tad risky given the flying debris it's likely to be exposed to?

Kirk said...

I'd tell them to love it.

Craig Pavlich said...


'Hipster' is all about form over function.

GNC pro flat track racing is the epitome of functional elegance.

=> There is nothing hipster about a real mile bike (Ducati or not)

In any case, I'll be there.

capnsimo said...

I think it's a beautiful bike, as for hipsters well anyone who has passion and enthusiasm for any form of bikes has to be applauded and welcomed so long as they perhaps try not to become elitist or exclusive?
Anyway you DTRA Tech heads, why does the DT ducati framer have to have a loop cradle frame, why is it so much better than the hanging trellis, just wondered like you know????