Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Two-Year Sub and Free T-shirt

For years we've offered a 3-issue subscription, because we made three issues per calendar year when we started offering subs. Now we make four, so a subscription wasn't even lasting a year.

A few readers asked to have recurring subscriptions, done with a Direct Debit or similar, but it's not a easy thing to set up, and not suitable for foreign bank accounts, so we came up with this instead.

EIGHT ISSUES (two years) plus a free and exclusive Astro blueprint T-shirt. The only way to get this shirt is by taking this subscription.

If you order now you avoid any magazine cover price or postage increases in the next two years. The per magazine price is the same or within a few pence of the current 3-issue price *


1. Choose your country from UK, EU or Rest of World
2. Choose your T-shirt size from S - XXXL (yep, we have TRIPLE XL)
3. Sit back and wait for the goodness to be delivered to your door every three months. Your T-shirt will be sent with your first issue.
4. Keep us updated with your current address if you move.

You still get a free sticker with every new issue from us.

If you want the standard three-issue sub, we offer that too.

If you have a current subscription and want to upgrade to this offer, just email us (at dirt @ with your name and address and we'll tell you how much it will be, and you can pay by paypal.


* Per magazine rate INCLUDING delivery
UK £6.25
EU £8.50
Rest of World £10.00


1 comment:

Marcus @ MarcusMotoDesign said...

Sweet, just what I have been hoping for! Beautiful t-shirt! Does it have same sizes as the other SB t-shirts? As a medium can be quite different from another medium.