Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Flashback: Rollerburn

Back in 2011 Sideburn and some friends came up with an idea for a bike show that incorporated riding, all different kids of custom bikes, stalls, live music and roller derby.

It was the kickstart for a lot of the current UK 'shed built' scene, like the Bike Shed shows.

This advert was made by Drogo Michie, who later joined the DTRA as Thunderbike racer on his own, very smart Co-Built Rotax.

Guy Martin came, so did Charlie Chuck (Uncle Peter) and I joined them for a Rollerball race at the end. It was as sketchy as hell. G
Photo: Ben Part


Chris said...

had to perform open drive surgery when the missus' Mac died and found tons of her Rollerburn pics... Good times!

Mark Wilson said...

It was a brilliantly surreal event, I've loads of pics too, and would have liked to stay until the chaotic end but my kids couldn't last out.

And several years later I am still absolutely none the wiser as to the rules of roller derby.

Chris said...

I was reminded of it by this

Capion mc said...

I am a big fan of the Rollerball film (1975) not the greatest film ever made but it has its place and I revisit it often. I have never watched the LL Cool J remake (2002), I hate remakes, but should I watch it? Advice please. I don't live in the UK but should I visit is there a calander of rollerball meets for 2016?