Monday, 25 January 2016

Snow Quake Success!

El Solitario heavyweights!

Just a quick post to say a massive thanks to all the racers who drove and flew from far and wide to race at Snow Quake. I put my hands together for Dave Skooter Farm and Anthony Co-Built for race-flagging and organisational support on the day.

Thanks to the hardcore fans who came from as far away as Athens, Greece and Vigo, Spain.

Mille grazie to Pirelli Moto, Deus Ex Machina and Marco Belli of Di Traverso for helping make it happen.

More reports to follow. G
 Marco Belli was incredible on the Deus Yamaha XJR1300 on Pirelli spikes.
Pierre-Alexandre Truest raced the Lara MV 800
My ice tyres were crap. Anthony's electrics were playing up. I took the electrics off mine and we shared Anthony's bike. Team work!
Nick Ashley makes the party and Paolo Sormani is always a pleasure.
Dirt Quake hero Serge Nuques raced a Honda chopper. Park it like you stole it. G

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bikegrim said...

Glad it was a success for you. Looks fun