Sunday, 24 January 2016

Scunthorpe Road Bike Dirt Track Racing

(Dirt Quake photo: Paul Bryant)

Dirt Quake racer Jon Lawson has helped organise a class for road bikes to race at Scunthorpe speedway at their dirt track/amateur speedway meetings this year. First one is February 28.
Here are the details Jon sent us... 

Road Bike Class 
Road bike based, we would like as near to what they looked like as they left factory but not strictly necessary. 
NO GLASS  or mirrors but can be taped up very well if ridden to the track. 
Plastic lights taped up  
Centre stand removed 
Ignition cut out (any type) fitted and working 
Wheels with large gaps between spokes should be filled in , with speedway style "Moon discs" 
NO sharp edges or points
Tyre choice is free
Shark fin protector on rear sprocket 
Number board on both sides of the bike and front. You chose your own riding number. We need to know before what that will be.
Look at your bike and think "is it dangerous " if you're happy then it should be ok to run. 

Riding gear
MX gear is fine. Leathers, boots, gloves, and an ACU stamped helmet with visor or goggles 

Entry payable on the day £30 Pre book with bike details, make and class, rider name and riding number. Sign on will be 9am approx. Racing (6 runs) for your class should finish mid-afternoon depending on entry levels, this will be run as a multi bike meet in conjunction with speedway, flat trackers and mini bikes. Food van will be on site. Park in the car park on left as you arrive and wheel ( not ride ) your bike into the pit /garage area ( no riding in pit area ) 

Rules /regs basically keep the bike in a safe condition and the rider protected in the event of a fall its hard when you go down ! 
Keep an eye on face book for info and entry listing 
More info regarding rules regs contact Jon 07876547486 or e mail or 
For booking and track details 
Venue : Eddie Wright Raceway, Scunthorpe DN15 8QZ ,

Dirt Quake V is now 15-16 July, at the world famous and world class Adrian Flux Arena, King's Lynn.

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