Thursday, 21 January 2016

My kind of dry cleaners - update

This never happens when I pop in to have the stains taken out of my velveteen loin cloths. Apologies for my continuing obsession with Monica Vitti, here paired with Claudia Cardinale in Qui Comincia l'Avventura (1975), released as Lucky Girls elsewhere. MP

Harley, you're right, and here's why:


Harley said...

Knobblies on the Honda? How far ahead of its time is that?

Harley said...

Thanks for the update Mick.
Between Ms Vitti's leathers, and new fork seals/ rear shocks for the Honda every other take, that must have been quite a big budget film.

Chris said...

the Harmonica work on that second clip is outstanding... music by Riz Ortolani, some quick searching reveals he scored Cannibal Holocaust

I may have to work my way through some of his oeuvre

Sideburn Magazine said...

Chris - well here's a nice bit of synchronicity. It just so happens that the marvellous Jonny Trunk has Ortolani's Mondo Cane on special offer for just 50p (along with loads of other good stuff at that price). Get over there:

Diplomate said...

Ah yes - Claudia Cardinale. I was at a deeply impressionable age when my se senses were struck, almost overwhelmingly, by Claudia's big eyes and very impressive cleavage performing to the equally distracting background sound track of Ennio Morricini in the mind blowing Once Upon a Time in The West.