Monday, 12 January 2009

Classic Bike project

We have a lot of friends at Classic Bike magazine, and even though they have to cover the whole world of classic motorcycling they seem to have been infected by the Sideburn bug as they're putting more than flat track's fair share in every month. This is their latest project bike, built by the very excellent Rick Parkington. They started with a frame and empty cases. The tank is from the Tank Shop. I think Jason still has one by them for sale, check it here.
Looking at the shots, the only thing I'd say is the front end needs attention. It's too high and there's quite a rake on that bad boy. I'm sure they're on the case to sort it, though. Mutual back-scratching plug over... GI


Griff said...

Be more at home in BSH !
Seriously need to pull that front end in,apart from that looks quite nice.

YZ400BEN said...

Was hoping that CB would make a decent Romero rep rather than another XR-a-like! Dropping the forks thru the yolks and moving the seat unit forward a few inches woill pretty it up a bit, and bringing the exhaust pipes round infront of the frame down tubes would fill in that big space between frame and front wheel. Gene's bike was low, compact and pretty workman like. Love those period AMA TT Triumphs, and I'm prepping my '72 Daytona to race this year. Want to set her up so just a change of wheel and a bit of spannering means I can flat track, scramble or even beach race her! Did Mick Phillips ever sell his grannie to buy that gorgeous T120TT Special he rode for Classic Bike 9 years ago? Always loved that bike.

Mick P said...

Hey YZ400BEN

I did sell my granny, but foolishly used the money to buy some 'magic' beans. But yes, that was some bike, perhaps the coolest I've ever ridden. One of the loudest, too - beaten only by an unsilenced Egli Vincent.