Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Lo Scorpione T-shirt compo

We met Alessio and Andrea, the brothers behind Italian kustom garage Lo Scorpione at the recent Verona Bike Show.
They gave us a couple of T-shirts but, being very British, rather than say they don't fit, we thanked them profusely and stuffed them in our bags. So we have another two T-shirts for the ever popular Sideburn comment competition. They're both black, both MEDIUM. To have a chance of wining, fill in the blanks, as a comment.

______ is the gosh-darn man because _____________.
So, for instance,
Gary is the gosh-darn man because he's giving away more free T-shirts.

Ones we like most win, our decision is final. Remember to put your name if you're an anonymous poster (I know that doesn't make sense). A woman can be a gosh-darn man too. Doesn't have to be bike related, just has to tickle our fancies...
Some Lo Scorpione bikes

Andrea Scorpione


peterfromhungary said...

Bussei is the gosh-darn man because he didn't give me his XR1000 to try in my mothers garden.

Chris said...

Bud Ekins is the gosh-darn man because he's the guy that Steve McQueen thinks is cool.

Gary Inman and Ben Part said...

Hey, we've started. Chris has got the right idea. Come on people! GI

Mick P said...

"Sprouts Elder is the gosh-darn man because he embodies dirt track excellence and healthy eating in a single name"

PS: GI can't get into a medium shirt? Best lay off that Bullworker.

stuka said...

Andrea Scorpion is the gosh darn man because he has more beard than debbie harry..!!

Speedjunkies said...

Kenny Roberts is the gosh-darn man because He manhandled the TZ750 in Indy.

Anonymous said...

Diedre Greenshields is the gosh-darn man because her hands are too big to be a lady.

Ori Fragman-Sapir