Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Undead upper class bikers are go!

I found a box full of CDs under my desk yesterday. Among a few from the great Jonathan Richman there was a CD copy of the vinyl LP of the Psychomania soundtrack (did you follow that?). The soundtrack is a mixture of chilling background music (if that's possible) and scenes from the film. The film itself is one of a very rare breed, the British biker movie. But it's good, because the bikers are led by an upper class fop who realises he can become undead and tops himself. Read an entertaining review here.
The soundtrack is available (on CD only now) from cult record label Trunk Records.


Jonathan Whitney said...

There's a great 4 minute piece from the BBC on this movie on youtube. I'll try to link it here, but I'm not sure what your page allows:



You've got to believe !
Tonight we do the ton .... and hold it there !
That's fuzz mother .

All great lines we used to recite down the pub .
Got it on dvd nowadays.
Simply the best. and i've got one of those helmets too ! (will dig it out) Steve #59