Thursday, 5 November 2009

Wilky's bike

Wilky bought the magazine, then the T-shirt, then posted on the blog, then bought the bike, then went racing.
This Rotax framer, an ex-Team Roberts practice bike, was up on UK eBay until Wilky waded in and whipped it from under everyone's noses. He then went to Skooter Farm's HQ to get a few tips from Dave and Captain Highside, then to the Chris Carr FT Experience school, then two days later (a week after he bought the bike) lined up at Rye House for his first race. He was smiling all day. Be good to see a bunch more novices line up for the first race next year. GI
Photo: Driver Chris


WILKY said...

IT WUZ MINT !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

well done ol chap, welcome to the scene!!!
stevie 28


Wilky ain't slow niether !

Sideburn Magazine said...

From Capt Highside (who can't work out how to post a comment).

Was I the only one to see Wilky get clipped on the home Straight? He got into a slapper across the line, met up with the boards and only hit the ejector button when his bike hit (and broke) the last fence post before the pit entry lane. It scared the crap outta me to watch it I'm tellin' yah. After having his bike lifted off him and kicked back straight ( the bike not Wilky ) he bumps the thing back to life and makes the restart!
When this Guy stops smilin' we are all in trouble! Watch him go in 2010!
Capt Highside.

Anonymous said...

Well done Wilky an inspiration, I loved seeing him racing Chris Carr in one of the first heats. This does not happen in many other racing circles. I'm in and chasing Wilky's tail next season.


Anonymous said...

I was the bloke that 'clipped' Mr Wilky (Eventually making my own dent in the fence a little further on) and would like to take this opportunity to apologise for any inconvenience caused!
Hope your rather lovely bike wasn't too badly scuffed.
See ya next year.
Tim #80

wilky said...

Hey Tim #80, no problem, racing incedent an all that...I obviously was'nt going fast enough or else we would'nt have touched !!! bike was TOO pristine anyway so she needed a few scuffs n bruises. big thanks to Geoff Cain (cobuilt club)for double kwik zorst repair... roll on next season !!