Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Guitar Wolf in London

Islington, Friday July 8. I'm going. Anyone else? G


Sideburn Magazine said...

Jamie I think you need to set fire to your bike for the next race.

Full Lock or Death #29 said...

I'm there!! My guitarist (David the guy who was with me at Amman Valley) has been going on about these guys for years, he lent me their zombie film Wild Zero ages ago. Nice one Gary.

Ben you know you shouldn't encourage me..

Mark Simcox said...

The following night (Saturday 9th)they are playing their only other UK date at the Royal Pavillion Tavern, Brighton - I've got my ticket.
Mark Simcox

Full Lock or Death #29 said...

Got my tickets. Bo Ningen are playing too, result!


motorcycho said...

Ask them if they got my Motorcycho / Vicious Cycles Envelopes??? I gave em to there merch guy