Monday, 27 June 2011

VRX400 for sale - SOLD!

Drogo's having to sell his beloved Honda in an effort to raise dough for a Co-Built race bike. The bike's in London. Here's the blurb...GI

Honda VRX 400 Roadster for Sale:

The finest VRX in the UK, starts first time, every time, whether sunny or buried in the Arctic tundra…..
Let the truth be know, I’m famously mechanically dim, so happily for you, all work has been done by proper Gentleman of the motorcycle /fabrication world. What I am good at is being a pedantic, quality obsessed art director swine, and therefore the standard of finish is near faultless from top to bottom…

So what did I go and do:

Import new custom front mudguard, seat and rear end from SB Japan (£500.00 alone), have frame chopped and fabricated to fit.
Rip off the breathless stock air filter, fabricate new housing and fit a K&N, toss the stock pipes and drop in a pair of Super trapps ( another £400 + spent on the Trapps). Have the whole thing balanced, rejetted and dyno’d.
Throw away the soggy stock rear shocks and replace with Hagons, raising the back end a little.
Re-build and re-spring the front folks, having them polished while I was at it.
Have had new aluminium side panels made, polished and lacquered (still have stock black ones).
Repaint tank, and paint headlight shell.
Sits on Alloy 17” rims front and back, Metzeler Marathons fitted, back is nearly brand new.
Parts readily available from Honda UK or third parties like Wemoto.
New bars, grips, levers and I’ll stop now because I’m boring you….
£3000. SOLD!

I borrowed this bike for a couple of days when last up in London. It's fun full stop. Hacking across town in danger of losing your life to U-turning cabbies or slippery manhole covers, not looking like just another prat on a off-the-peg Sportster, it ticks the boxes. It's not 1000cc, it's not pedigree, it's not dangerously fast. "What the fak is it mate?" is the usual question asked. It's fun. BP


Anders said...


mp said...

It's my neighbours one me thinks. It is even better looking in real life ive seen it lol

SakeRacer said...

i love it!

i'm thinking of buying one i found here...
a lil over 1000euros!

i hope it worths them!