Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Mefo Cup Round 2 Homberg Germany

Mick Jansen wins Homberg!
German ace Stefan Gatzenmeier secured himself first pick on the front row for the all deciding 15 lap grand final, sandwiched between the Jansen brothers. The second row was shared between Swiss Supermoto star Jarno Möri and rookies Stefan Claussen and Leo Eibl. Tom van Nes completed the third row with two guest riders from the new Czech Flat track series Jan Vondrasek and Roman Janostak. It was Jan-Willem Jansen who made the hole shot and for a moment it looked like it was going to be a boring race as he quickly pulled away. Then from lap 2 Mick Jansen found his rhythm and started to close the gap to his brother on the super grippy tarmac based track . By lap ten they caught a backmarker and Mick Jansen was right on his tail! Meanwhile Gatzenmeier had a gruelling barbanging battle with Möri! While JW passed on the high line, Mick managed to slip through low! JW stayed on his tail but Mick made no mistakes and brought home his maiden victory! Stefan Gatzenmeier managed to fight off Jarno Möri and scored 14 vital championship points. Stefan Claussen made a strong showing in only his second race! Tom van Nes battled it out with the new friends from the Czech Republic. Big thank you to MSC Ohmtal for a great and well organized event!1. #16 Mick Jansen, Utrecht (NL), Harley-Davidson
2. #15 Jan-Willem Jansen, Adetswil (CH), Harley-Davidson
3. #70 Stefan Gatzenmeier, Ruhpolding (D), KTM
4. #473 Jarno Möri, Aarberg (CH), Möri Sport Yamaha
5. #65 Stefan Claussen, Westerstede (D), Claussen-Yamaha
6. #27 Tom van Nes, Adliswil (CH), Dutch-Brothers Rotax
7. #44 Roman Janošták, Prague (CZ), Honda
8. #298 Jan Vondrášek, Chodova Plana (CZ), Yamaha
Championship standings: 1 Mick Jansen 30pts, 2 Jan-Willem Jansen 28pts, 3 Stefan Gatzenmeier 25pts, 4 Sytze Hilleger 20pts, 5 Stefan Claussen 18pts,....
Next events:
round 3, Heidenreichstein(A) 10 July NEW DATE!!
round 4, Pilsen(CZ) 16 July
round 5, Marianske Lazne(CZ) 17 July
round 6, Teterow(D) 23 July

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